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 XGOLDKILLX mod application

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PostSubject: XGOLDKILLX mod application   XGOLDKILLX mod application I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 16, 2013 9:21 pm




I am currently a junior in high school

I played on old server for a week and this new server since it has opened.

I will not abuse power

I have not been a staff member yet but I will be happy to get experience from seeing how other staff are.

I am a person who spends most of my days on minecraft and want to help other players in whatever way possible. I have never been staff on a server which is why I am applying for this position so I can gain more experience in the way that minecraft works. I am a dedicated player who will be on server as much as possible and will not harass other players and will try to improve the server in whatever way I possibly can. I am willing to do whatever I can to get the position and am happy even if I do not get the position. I have much to learn but I will do my best to learn everything and will try to learn mod rules even if not chosen for position.

Core protect is an anti griefing tool which logs all blocks placed and deleted

world edit is the wooden axe that can only be used by staff that lets you quickly edit large areas at a time

I have never been banned

I am a very friendly player who tries to help other players with problems they have in game

I hope to get the position because I am helping build the spawn for server

I would like to thank your for your time and am happy if I get this position or not
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XGOLDKILLX mod application
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