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 Octu's Mod App

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PostSubject: Octu's Mod App   Octu's Mod App I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 6:23 pm



Age:14 Today

Education Status:HighSchooler

How long have you've been on HazeyCraft:A few hours

Will you abuse power:Nope

Experience as staff member:Yes admin on 3 server,mod on 2

Describe yourself (Minimum 6 sentences):I am an outgoing person you will have fun.I am also one of those ppl that dont like to overuse power.I am a person you loves to communicate with newer users and make them feel welcomed.I dont abuse(give out items,shout at ppl,kick for no reason)I love to make friends and just build and protect

Explain Core Protect:Core protect is command that you use to protect a sertain area like Spawn or,parkour,pvp,etc

Explain WorldEdit:Worldedit is a plguin when you do //wand it brings a wooden axe that you can either completely delete an area or place new blocks

Have you ever been banned?Nope

Are you Friendly to others:Yes

What Makes you think you got the job:I think i got the job because i love having ppl around .Love to advertise,dont get into arguements.I also know how to catch xrayer,pvploggers,and hackers.I have had experience catching them and i do catch them fairly easy.People that use nodus,weepcraft are unacceptable and should not be allowed to have posession on it on the server.It makes gameplay completely unfair and a disadvantage to newer users. Thank You Octu
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Octu's Mod App
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