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 Admin Application

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PostSubject: Admin Application   Admin Application I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 24, 2013 10:10 am

Name:Griffin Hunt

Time Zone:Eastern

Country: USA


Race:American (white)

Professional:8 i had a server untill it broke down so i have alot of xp. and im a programmer almost worked with the world edit guy but he found someone else last minute ):

IGN: thundrspark

How long have you been on hazeycraft:1 hour Smile

No i wouldnt use my admin powers to give myself or friends stuff that would be no fun.

xp: I had a server. and been admin on 2. mod on 1. (till servers shut down)

8-9 hours weekends 13 hours

I'm fun and playful iloveee minecraft i have a youtube that i post on (Griffin H) i know how to work plugins and all that kind of stuff i program stuffs I am awesome! i love new servers there always the funnest. I like captainsparklez and the camping rusher i also love potatoes in minecraft! Smile. Im a redstone kind of guy can do anything like that for you and im just plain awesome!!

High School

Pex: Gives permissions what someone can and cannot do thats how you do ranks and stuff.

Essentials: The essentials to having a server warps, homes, tps, hats, kittycannon, and alot of other stuff like god mode.

WorldEdit: Can quickly build destroy or replace something there are many ways to build like //outline or //set etc.

WorldGuard: Protects from griefing in some places and in some palces your allowed to do whatever.

ModifyWorld:Edits the world like biomes, build mountans and terrain things.

Prefix On Pex: I dont really know but i could research it Very Happy

ColoredSigns: &(number) 8 is my favorite Smile

Once again ill look into it Very Happy

Perm Nodes: REALLY

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Admin Application
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