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 Application for Administrator

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PostSubject: Application for Administrator   Application for Administrator I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 24, 2013 9:36 am

Name: Brandon Twyman

Time Zone: 0:00 GMT London

Country: United Kindom

Age: 12

Race: White

How Professional do you think you are (1-10, 10 being the best): 9-10 (I can also created games)

Ingame Name: brandontwyman

How long have you've been on HazeyCraft: I know its not long but 30 minutes but by the time you read this
properly more

Would you ever use power to benefit yourself or others?: What do you mean?

Experience as a staff member (not as a HazeyCraft Staff. Dont Mention Server Names): Come on why would I
whats the point? In doing it

How long Are You on a Day: Depends on weekends about 15 hours on weekdays about 5-7 hours

Describe Yourself (2 Paragraphs Min.): Well... Fisrt of all I could make a application for this server but people will
need to donate about £20 or $20 to publish it to web store also I make websites and I know you have one but I could get a domain like this hazeycraft.com or hazeycraft.net for you! But if you want it free I will need referalls
like other people to sign up to it aswell.

Also I program games so I could make any game you want (depends on what one) Like if it was firrst person shooting game it will take about 6 months - 1 year REMEBER games take while to make like minecraft took about 1 - 1 1/2 years to make. Any I described my self also I will invite people (ALOT!!!)

Education(Highschool? College?): High School

Explain Pex: permissions basically what they can and cant do!?!?!

Explain Essentials: loads of fun commands like /hat puts the item in your hand on your head
Dont know wether /nuke you have on it?

Explain WorldEdit: Quickly build stuff with magic wand (wooden axe)

Explain WorldGuard: Protects land

Explain ModifyWorld: Edits the world quickly

Explain How to Add a Prefix On Pex: Not sure but im not opping people or giving them permissions unless you say so..

Explain How to Turn On Colored Signs IN Essentials Config: &number to get colors or &kon or its &k for moving texts unless your using something else

Explain How to WorldGuard an Area: dont need to ill just use /f autoclaim faction name

Explain Perm Nodes: ......

Hope you give me Admin Very Happy

Brandon Twyman
IGN: brandontwyman
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Application for Administrator
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