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 nightcrawler02's Moderator Application

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nightcrawler02's Moderator Application Empty
PostSubject: nightcrawler02's Moderator Application   nightcrawler02's Moderator Application I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 19, 2013 11:31 am

Name:Perry Tan

Time Zone:pacific time[Gmt +8] Country:Singapore



How Professional do you think you are (1-10, 10 being the best):10

Ingame Name:nightcrawler02

How long have you've been Playing Minecraft :I since alfa 1.2.5

Would you ever use power to benefit yourself or others?:No i use my power i get to help others and staffs that need help with other admin stuffs

Experience as a staff member (not as a Hazey Staff. Dont Mention Server Names):I have been all ranks at least twice i am a experienced minecraft player and i gain trust from owners not from asking if i can be one but i gain it by trust i been twice owner in other server as i played very long and never abuse my power i have

How long Are You on a Day:16-18 hours

Describe Yourself (2 Paragraphs Min.):I played minecraft for very long and i am a basketball player and a bowler i am a bowling school team player i love playing basketball but my school does not have this CCA. i help lots of people in other server caught lots of xray users and nodus users i have played on this server for a very long time I am good a buildings,I build lots of spawn and shops for servers, I respect all kinds server rules and already know most of them, I wont tolerate hackers and anyone who try to break the rules and cause lots of trouble for the owner and staffs, also I would do anything to make your server become popular and grow bigger

Education(Highschool? College?):Primary School

Explain Essentials:Essentials is a plugin with lots of useful commands for a normal server all of the servers should have it

Explain WorldEdit:Worledit is a useful plugin to help staffs to build faster without placing blocks 1 by 1 and it takes a few second to finish a building

Explain WorldGuard:Worldguard is a plugin which protect spawn warps and important places

Core Protect: Its an anti-griefing plugin which saves the server world and roll back it when someone griefs important places on the server.

Have you ever been banned?: Nope i never get banned in any servers before

Are you Friendly to others: Yes.I have been that is why owners accept me to help take over the servers when they are not around i help them when they need help with information or stuffs not giving away items without owner's acknowledgement

P.S:i never explain some of the plugins because i dont really know the actual usage of it

At Last My Last Message Is: I am a hazeycop now Very Happy but wish to be promoted Very Happy
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nightcrawler02's Moderator Application
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