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 stevolasvegas mod application

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PostSubject: stevolasvegas mod application   stevolasvegas mod application I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 9:38 pm

My name is Stephen Bainey.

My in game name is stevolasvegas.

I am 15 years old.

I am well educated and in the 9th grade and I am very good at minecraft and i think i could help you and your server out and get more people to join.

I own my own server so I know how you feel when you read these thinking people are just lieing so they can abuse your power and i can promise you i will not abuse my power if i happen to get it.
I would describe my self as athletic because i have baseball practice Monday thru Saturday after school and very well educated. I would also describe my self as very outdoorsy , i just love to be outside and doing something when i am out side even if it is just running in the woods or playing baseball or basketball with my friends. I would also describe one of my traits as having a very good reaction time and i love playing mine craft at night when it gets dark out so i have something to do that makes me think on what i want to build and do. I would also describe myself lazy if i want to be , because if i want to sit around and do nothing but lay there and watch t.v. i will but most of the time i am outside being active.

It is a plugin that is fast and efficient anti-logging and anti-griefing. It also has a rollback that saves stuff if it does get destroyed.

World edit is a command where you get a wooden axe or write //wand to get it and u select to points with the axe and write //pyramid [block ID] (size). You can also use the command //faces [block ID] and just select the two points and it will make it those blocks and there are many more commands you can use to make cubes spheres and domes if u want to.

I have been banned on other servers for spamming because no one will answer me but i have never been banned on your server and i haven't been banned on any other servers for about two months though.

I am friendly to others and will help them out what whatever i can without giving them stuff.

I think i should get the job because i am a server owner and would like to be a admin on another server to see how well i can do at this and i could get some more people on your server. I really hope you likes my application and hope you enjoyed reading it.

yours truly

Stephen Bainey AKA stevolasvegas

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PostSubject: Re: stevolasvegas mod application   stevolasvegas mod application I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 9:40 pm

Nice Job ... I'll promote you to JrMod.
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stevolasvegas mod application
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