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 Application for Mvbfmjh

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Application for Mvbfmjh Empty
PostSubject: Application for Mvbfmjh   Application for Mvbfmjh I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 9:26 pm

Name: Atomu

IGN: Mvbfmjh


Reason: Well, I have the potential of helping others when they need it, and I am very interested in this server. Quite fun.

Time played: Honestly, I've been on for 2 days now (Don't judge me)

The HazeyCraft Staff only check Police Applications whenever they feel they are in need of more Police players. (Not extremely often) Constantly nagging Staff will most likely result in disqualification for this position (This includes posting links to applications in the shoutbox, in game, or anywhere else). Do you understand?: Yes, yes I do. I am patient, except when people make me angry.

The Police position is not a moderator or administrative position of any sort on this server, it is merely a position for role-playing purposes. Do you Understand?: Yes, and I will report any suspicious activity.
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Application for Mvbfmjh
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